Church of San Rocco



S. Rocco [St. Roch] is a saint venerated a lot in Bova.

The small church dedicated to him stands close to an old monastery of the Frati Minori di Sant’Antonio [The Friars Minors of Saint Anthony].

It is generally held that the church was built at the end of the sixteenth century during a terrible pestilence. It has a single façade with a handsome central portal in carved stone decorated on the lintel and the central part of the architrave. On the upper part is the coat of arms of the bishop.

The interior contains a single nave and a semi-circular, round-arched apse. The ceiling is in wood with a painted canopy.

In the eighteenth century was not considered very important.

In 1783 and 1908 the sanctuary was damaged by seismic events that made restoration work, including re-roofing, indispensable. The work was carried out in 1957.

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