Capo dell'Armi Lighthouse


Faro Capo d'Armi 1 (Enzo Galluccio)

The Capo dell’Armi lighthouse stands on a cliff by the same name, in the municipal area of Motta San Giovanni in the Province of Reggio Calabria. It is an important reference for vessels entering the strait from the south and the first light at the mouth of the Strait of Messina. Brought into operation in 1867 and refurbished in 1959, the Capo dell’Armi lighthouse is an octagonal tower standing on a two-storey stone building. The headlight’s lenses are a set of Fresnels which rotate around a 1,000- watt lamp.

GPS Coordinates:

Latitude 37°57′15.7″N – Longitude 15°40′44.8″E

LocalitaMotta San Giovanni
Tipo Risorsafari