The Rural Civilisation Trail of Bova


Bova - Musei - Sentiero Civiltà Contadina 1 (Domenico Cuppari)

From the rediscovery of one’s own roots to a rediscovery of the roots of an entire area 

“For over ten years now, every summer, I have returned to my native town, Bova, in the province of Reggio Calabria, a splendid old village, which, in 2013, was elected one of Italy’s twenty most beautiful hamlets. Each time I come back I rediscover the fragrances and colours of this place.

This love of mine for Bova is fundamental to the following pages, a kind of personal quest for “lost time” [recherche du temps perdu] which I hope will prove to be a tool, beneficial to those who are, in some way, interested in the history and the everyday customs of an essentially agricultural community which, since its remote, centuries-old beginnings, has left its mark on a noteworthy civilisation, which deserves to be remembered”.

The Sentiero della Civiltà Contadina [The Rural Civilisation Trail] is an Open-air Museum in the Municipal area of Bova, the capital of Greek Calabria, conceived and set up by Saverio Micheletta.
This trail is a route that winds its way through the narrow streets of the hamlet, along which many of the traditional tools of rural culture are placed: millstones from water and animal-powered mills, wine and oil presses, water troughs for animals, grape crushers and implements used to extract essential oil from bergamot and many other objects belonging to the ancient agricultural civilisation of the area.

From the rediscovery of one’s own roots to a rediscovery of the roots. Created and produced by Saverio Micheletta.

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