TREKKING from Amendolea to Gallicianò


From Amendolea to Gallicianò

Itinerary – Outward route

You leave from the Il Bergamotto rural hospitality farmstead, taking the pathway that leaves from behind the farm itself and follow it as far as the Amendolea River. Having crossed the river and passed through an iron gate, continue along a dirt track leading uphill, amid tilled fields, until you reach a stretch of terraced land which once produced durum wheat. To the right of this terrace, you will find some pear trees, near to which you find the track you need to take. After the trail has passed between some prickly-pear plants, continue uphill to the top of Monte Marada (463 metres above sea level) which you will reach by crossing over some rocks. From here you continue along the trail with its breath-taking panoramas below, and arrive at the San Simio Locality, on the tarmacked road, which from the SS 106 Jonica, leads up to the hamlet of Gallicianò. A little before you arrive at this tarmacked road, turn right downhill and then, a little farther on, you meet another pathway, this one steep and uphill. Take this, keeping the houses in the Palazzine di Gallicianò Locality as your reference. Here you cross plots of tilled land and olive groves until you reach a water pump with a big cement vat. Walk on, leaving the basin on your left and, having passed some ancient olive trees, continue in the direction of a fence. Then cross a small drain and walk uphill for a few minutes until you reach a dirt track. Follow the track to the right for about five minutes then take the well-trodden pathway to the left which slopes steeply uphill. Having passed among some prickly-pear bushes you reach a tarmacked road in the Palazzine Locality. Take the right turning which leads up to the hamlet of Gallicianò in roughly twenty minutes.

Departure: Hamlet of Amendolea (145 m)

Towns and villages en route: Condofuri

Elevation difference: about 620 metres uphill; 536 downhill

Walking time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Distance covered: 6.30 kilometres

Availability of drinking water: at Amendolea before departure, a number of springs at Gallicianò including the Fonte dell’Amore [Fountain of Love]

Difficulty: E

Arrival: Hamlet of Gallicianò (620 metres above sea level)

Itinerary – return route

Leaving Amendolea, follow the tarmacked road for some metres until you reach a bend from which you turn left onto a cement road, later unpaved, leading to the cemetery. Follow the dirt track for about one hour, paying attention not to take any of the turnings until you reach the Amendolea River in the Foculiu Locality (255 metres above sea level). From here follow the course of the Amendolea River, fording it a number of times. After about an hour and a half you will be in Amendolea at the Bergamotto rural hospitality farmstead.

Departure: Hamlet of Gallicianò (620 metres above sea level)– Hours 14.30

Towns and villages en route: Condofuri

Elevation difference: about 620 metres uphill and 536 downhill

Walking time: 3 hours return

Distance covered: 7.00 kilometres (outward and return)

Availability of drinking water: a number of drinking fountains at Gallicianò including the Fonte dell’Amore

Difficulty: E

Arrival: the hamlet of Amendolea (145 metres above sea level)– at about 17.30

Visits to the following towns /villages/hamlets

Visit to the hamlet of Amendolea

Visit to the hamlet of Gallicianò

Information regarding the itinerary

Itinerary care of Cooperativa Naturaliter

For further information please contact Andrea Laurenzano (tel. 347 3046799)


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