Maesano Falls


Cascate Maesano 2 (Luca Andreoni)

The Amendolea Falls (known as Maesano) are among the most visited of the sights in the Parco Nazionale dell’Aspromonte. A visit to this waterfall, with three leaps into as many basins scooped out by the unremitting erosion of the rock by the water, is an imposing spectacle. The route is short though some stretches, encumbered by landslide debris, require visitors to pay the utmost attention. The view of the lake created by the dam across the Menta River is striking. The work is not as yet complete, yet the body of water is becoming a part of the landscape. Maesano is the name given to the place in the 1980’s and that most frequently used locally, although it actually refers to a townland further south. Its official, generic name is Cascata dell’Amendolea [Amendolea River Falls]. Its true name is Schicciu (falls), from Spana, as claimed by many local shepherds and confirmed by a map dated 1874, housed at the State Archives in Reggio Calabria. The toponymic Spanu, according to the German glottologist Gerhard Rohlfs, comes from the Greek spanòs which, when referred to men signifies “beardless, shaven” but when applied to a place means “bare, devoid of vegetation”. The waterfall is situated, in actual fact, in an area where the dense forest yields to barren ridges.

LocalitaRoghudi Vecchio
Tipo Risorsacascate