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One of Calabria’s most renowned wines, Palizzi, is the IGT [fine wine] of the Graecanic Area and is produced in the district between Palizzi and Capo Spartivento in the province of Reggio Calabria. This is a full-bodied, dry, stern red wine with an alcohol content of about 14 proof.

Palizzi is produced in the countryside around the municipalities of Bova, Bova Marina, Brancaleone, Condofuri, Palizzi and Staiti.

The vines grow at about 250 metres above sea level in sandy soil. The harvest takes place in mid-September; the grapes are left to ferment for 48/60 hours in stainless-steel tanks; later they are pressed and the must transferred to stainless-steel tanks the temperature of which is monitored, until when, in the month of November, it is put into large containers to decant. After two successive decanting periods and a couple of months in chestnut barrels, the wine is bottled (18 months after harvest).

Suggested food-pairings

This red wine is ideal with red meats and game, particularly with wild boar, macaroni with cheese, kid on the spit, wild-boar sausage and pecorino cheese. It is particularly good with grilled fresh tuna.


This is a red wine produced in the area around Bova mostly from grapes of the Nerello variety.


This wine is made in the area around Bova in the Province of Reggio Calabria. Dark red in colour, its bouquet is delicate, its taste vinous, it is full-bodied and smooth. Best with dishes featuring goat’s meat.


This wine is produced using pale yellow Greek grapes. It is rather strong and has a rather high alcohol content: up to 18 proof. This wine is produced in the Ionian area of the province of Reggio Calabria between Palizzi and Bianco. It is made from raisins and requires a long time to mature. As it is sweet, it is best suited to the end of a meal, to be drunk with a dessert, biscuits or cake. It is best served at room temperature

LocalitaCalabria Greca
Tipo Risorsaenogastronomia