San Lorenzo. The Barbarians are back


The Barbarians are back
At San Lorenzo the quest for past memories continues

11th. June: presentation of the complete programme and celebration of the Il Pettirosso Cinema Club’s 20th anniversary

From the top of this small hill in Aspomonte, where the wise forebears of the present-day inhabitants of San Lorenzo decided to build their village, you can survey the beautiful mountains that surround it, pan across the nearby Amendolea and Tuccio valleys, as far as the sea and the outlines of the coasts and natural features of eastern Sicily.

The district still conserves an icon testifying to an epoch to which its cultural and artistic heritage owes so much: the Madonna della Cappella [Our Lady of the Chapel], a unique relic of the Tucci Valley which bestows consistency on a cultural aspect of a place the founding Greek called Vencirolo, meaning land of winds.

Short routes to a long history

We offer three special itineraries (from among which visitors may choose), for the spring-summer season, starting from the first weekend in May.

Each one begins with a screening (in San Lorenzo) of a documentary called Mill’e mille di questi giorni – Rushes Laurentini [Thousands and thousands of these days] conceived and produced by the Circle in 2009 (using photographic, video and audio material collected down through the years) and for whose editing they turned, for professional competence, to the film director from Reggio Calabria Pino Laface.

Then we start out, wandering through the outskirts and historical centre of the village with:

(1) In the footsteps of Gerasimo from San Lorenzo

(2) The legends of the Elm

(3) On a completely round hillock

All the tours end in Regina Margherita and with a guided tour inside the Proto-Papal Church of Sancta Maria ad Nives [Our Lady of Snows].

A break for a packed lunch for those who wish it, on the Circle’s premises as well as a visit to the Piccolo museo laurentino [The little museum of San Lorenzo] to round off a day spent in the name of the culture and memory of the ancient Tuccio Valley.

13th. August/ In search of the Perseids.

An evocative stroll by night, after a lead-in documentary, between the Curcumeddhu (the pine grove) and Piazza Castello, through the streets of the hamlet, looking for falling stars during the period dedicated to Saint Lawrence’s Tears [Lacrime di San Lorenzo].

Meeting at office and departure at 10 pm.


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