Church of Maria SS. Annunziata


Brancaleone vecchio - Chiesa dell'Annunziata - Foto Enzo Galluccio

In Brancaleone Superiore there once stood a church dedicated to Maria Santissima Annunziata, completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1908. Today, of the old building, situated in the town centre, there remain a few fragments of the walls, a kind of small square where one can still see beneath one of the floors some underground passageways where priests and some of the town’s nobles were buried

In 1933, it was rebuilt in the same style and inaugurated in 1935. The main entrance is preceded by a small portico supported by four columns. To the side stands the raised steeple with bells purchased by Cav. Domenico Condemi with the contribution of the citizens, to replace those stolen in 1970

The three stolen bells, dating from 1100 AD., forged using a particular smelting technique, produced three different musical notes.
The church has the form of a Greek cross, the floor is in terrazzo. The Baroque altar dating1500 and preceded by two columned balustrades, belongs to the old church.
The principal altar dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament is in polychrome marble with two side columns once topped by two small statues.
Everything that once adorned the church in the uninhabited hamlet was stolen, now there remains only a portion of the altarpiece.

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Da Reggio Calabria, percorrere la SS 106 in direzione di Brancaleone Marina. Una volta giunti a Brancaleone seguire le indicazioni che portano alla frazione Razzà e poi continuare verso il vecchio centro di Brancaleone.


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