EXCURSION to the Marafia Falls


Technical data

Municipality: San Lorenzo

Difficulty: E

Altitude: Croce di San Lorenzo 665 metres above sea level,  Marafia falls 618 metres above sea level.

Time: 1 hour

Water: at the departure point and along the excursion route

Ordinance Survey Maps: F° 602 II ST Lorenzo

This hike is short and very easy during the first leg through cultivated fields. Greater attention is required during the final stretch. The excursion ends with a visit to San Lorenzo and its famous old Elm. In the hamlet, a women’s association called the “Facimu” [Let’s do] is operative.

Arriving by car

From Melito di Porto Salvo take the SS 183 which follows the course of the river. Just before Bagaladi, take the turning for Roccaforte del Greco. After a few kilometres of bends there is a turning for the hamlet of San Lorenzo, where, in the Croce di San Lorenzo locality it is possible to park.

The hike

To the side of the big monumental fountain take the country road -initially paved, later a dirt track- which descends steeply towards the valley of the looming Monte Scafi. First you meet a spring and then continue amid cultivated fields and cottages. Then walk along the main trail, making sure you close the gates as you go. The track ends at a farmhouse with an irrigation trough under a pergola and surrounded by a well-attended kitchen garden and cultivated fields. Crossing this property with the utmost care, you reach a wooden gate near a bath-tub used as a drinking trough for livestock. Here the trail is less evident. However, a black pipe, bringing irrigation water up from the river, acts as a reference to follow. The path, worn away in some areas, descends to the river. A weir, toppled by the fury of the water, is impressive. Having reached the river bank, follow it uphill and it will take you to the Cascata di Marafia which leaps into a pool of clear water.

Source: Guida Naturalistica della Calabria Greca– Alfonso Picone – Rubbettino Editore – Collana Parco Culturale della Calabria Greca


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