EXCURSION from Ghorio di Roccaforte to Vallone Colella


Technical data

Municipality: Roccaforte del Greco

Difficulty: EE

Elevation difference: about 220 metres, ascending, 130 metres descending.

Altitude: the beginning of the pathway (710 metres above sea level) – Cascata Calònero (800 metres above sea level ca.)

Time required: 2 hours

Water: a couple of drinking fountains along the country roadway

Signposting: red, on the stretch leading up to the falls and a few arrows indicating the Park’s n. 2 bridle path.

Ordinance Survey Map: F° 602 II ST Lorenzo

The itinerary follows an initially tarmacked narrow country road, surrounded by well-looked-after fields, for a while. It permits you to appreciate the enormous amount of detritus that the Colella valley, with its overhanging landslide, delivers to the Amendolea River. Part of the track leading up to the falls has been made easier to follow thanks to the creation of the Sant’Agata del Bianco – Mammola bridle path. The final stretch still presents unprotected sections, however.

Arriving by car

The itinerary starts from a small country road which forks out left from the tarmacked road which descends from Roccaforte del Greco to the hamlet of Ghorio, belonging to its municipal area.

Having left the buildings of Roccaforte behind and passed the sports field, after a few hundred metres you will find a broad bend and clearing where you can leave your car. Otherwise drive on to Ghorio di Roccaforte and walk back for 1.5 kilometres.

The hike

Follow the pathway, which is tarmacked for about one kilometre, then cross a stream in the  Scerangone locality and at the next two forks, turn left on both occasions (the right turnings lead down to the river).Parts of the track are protected by fencing; as you approach the end you come across a number of farmhouses in the Vallone Scala locality.

In the Vallone Colella [Valley], where the Amendolea enters it, you can clearly see the trail that ends in a vast clearing. Go down to the river and ford it and then continue in the direction of the cultivated fields on the other bank. Here you will see a small tributary (descending from the Amusa Plains– Piani d’Amusa) from which a pathway, which the Park acknowledges as part of a bridle path, takes you uphill to the Croce Melia barrier.

Take the turning left (closed by a gate) and continue to climb as far as the following left turning, and having left the bridle path continue on this level as far as the fenced fields.

Here you reach a pipeline which you must follow as its intake point stands at the foot of the Cascata Calònero [Falls]. A climb over some rocks, although facilitated by iron pegging, is unprotected and requires the utmost attention.

Fonte: Guida Naturalistica della Calabria Greca– Alfonso Picone – Rubbettino Editore – Collana Parco Culturale della Calabria Greca.


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