Church of Immacolata


Bova- Chiesa dell'Immacolata


Walking through the village of Bova, there are several buildings worth visiting, including the Chiesa dell’Immacolata [Church of Mary Immaculate], an eighteenth-century building in late-Baroque style, built by local craftsmen.

The church was the property of the Marzanos, one of Bova’s most influential families, who used it as their private chapel which they entered directly from the adjacent palace.

The façade is in elaborately carved stone on the portal we can see the coat of arms of the ancient owners of the church, who are commemorated several times inside the church too. Once inside, it is possible to admire the single nave and its decorations, of which the two pilasters supporting the circular arch, stand out particularly.

The main altar once displayed a canvas of Mary Immaculate after whom the church is named.

Today, this precious image is hosted in the Santuario di San Leo [St Leo’s Sanctuary] since the church was deconsecrated when it became Bova’s tourist Information Office.

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