Church of San Rocco



This church was built in the sixteenth century. At that time the altar was in plain masonry, the tabernacle was small, the candlesticks in silver-coated wood, the umbrella over the altar in local silk. There were three altars: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St Catherine and St Roch, each within a small chapel of its own. The chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was built thanks to Fonte Squillace, to whose patronage the small altar containing the icon of the Rosary is also due. Maintenance of the chapel dedicated to St Catherine was the responsibility of the Alagna and Squillace families. This chapel contained a very old image of St Catherine. Masses for the soul of Pompeo Squillace were not celebrated here but on the main altar.

Recently renovated, the church is gabled in form with a single nave and a large vaulted ceiling. On the altar there is a white marble statue of the Madonna delle Grazie [Our Lady of Graces]. This statue dates back to 1600 and is attributed to the Gagini school. The church also houses statues of San Rocco, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saint Lucy.

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LocalitaRoccaforte del Greco
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