Church of the Spirito Santo


Roccaforte del Greco -Chiesa dello Spirito Santo - Foto Enzo Galluccio

The Church of the Spirito Santo [Holy Ghost] was built between 1930 and 1934 by the Anonima Costruzione edilizia building company directed by engineer Vittorio Francescone. The designer and director of operations was the engineer Ernesto Giardina. The archpriest Domenico Spanò took an important part in the effort required to have the church built here. According to the accounts of some of the older generation, it seems that the church had been originally destined for another town but that Father Spanò, taking advantage of an error regarding the name of the town in question, succeeded in having the church for his own town. The façade contains a tympanum and a series of pilasters surmounted by composite capitals. Above the portal there is a tympanum with lunettes. The interior is decorated by a series of terrazzo columns with capitals. The walls of the apse are characterised by a balustrade and three arched stained glass windows. Behind the church stands a raised bell-tower. The church houses statues of St. Dominic, St.[“Padre”] Pio, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Joseph Giuseppe, St. John Bosco and the Madonna of Pletea

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