Sanctuary of S. Maria Assunta


Cardeto - Santuario della Madonna di Mallemace - Statua ed altare di SS. Maria Assunta di Mallemace - Foto Enzo Galluccio

There is evidence that the Calabrian Greek rite was practiced in Cardeto and the valley of the Sant’Agata River until 1700.

The Sanctuary of the Assumption is a building consisting in a main façade, typical of some of the area’s eighteenth-century churches, with an arched portal and central belltower that, in this case, instead of a bell, contains a statue of the Madonna. It also includes a monastery with an adjoining belltower, a single rectangular eastward-facing nave with no apse, characteristic of the Camara trullo.
The nave is separated from the slightly narrower sanctuary by a step and a diaphragm arch. Inside the building on the interesting altar in polychrome marble from the mid-eighteenth-century Messinese School, stands a white marble statue of Our Lady of the Assumption dating 1722. This church, erected on the site of Sant’Andrea’s [St. Andrew’s] convent mentioned in a Bull by Pope Gregory XIII in 1584 (perhaps even in the eleventh-century Brébion) was under construction in 1618 during a visit by Monsignor A. D’Afflitto. It was almost entirely destroyed by the earthquake of 1783. It was restored down through the years and, since 1972, is held by the Sisters of Santa Maria Bambina [The Child Mary].

The Description of the church is by Sebastiano Maria Venoso and has been taken from “Portpàtima” edited by Alfonso Picone Chiodo, Edizioni Apodiafazzi 2015.

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Appena 15 km separano la città di Reggio Calabria da Cardeto con una strada che risale la vallata della fiumara di S. Agata. All’ingresso del paese deviare a destra seguendo la strada che lo attraversa nella parte bassa e giunge al moderno ponte in legno che supera la fiumara. Si possono parcheggiare le macchine nella piazzola appena superato il ponte.