Church of Saints Pietro e Paolo


Melito PS - Pentidattilo - Chiesa SS. Pietro e Paolo - Foto Enzo Galluccio

The Church of Saints Peter and Paul, of probable Byzantine origin, has a single nave, a more recent neoclassical façade and a square-based, two-tiered belltower which, built up against the church’s South-South-Eastern wall, is aligned with the façade of the church, and has an octagonal pinnacle covered in ceramic tiling. This church was once a Proto-Papal See as testified by an extant plaque which states that in the year 1655 Father Domenico Toscano of Bova could proudly claim being the first archpriest of the Latin-rite Proto-Papal church and, therefore, of the deanery of Pentedattilo.

Rebuilt after the earthquake of 1783, the church has since undergone a series of renovations, the most recent in 2001, and has also experienced the theft of the painting portraying Saints Peter and Paul belonging to the altarpiece of the high altar.

The church houses the tombs of the Albertis, the local feudal dynasty, whose legendary, blood-stained story still haunts the mysterious hamlet and castle of Pentedattilo.

The Description of the church is by Sebastiano Maria Venoso and has been taken from “Portpàtima” edited by Alfonso Picone Chiodo, Edizioni Apodiafazzi 2015.

LocalitaBorgo di Pentedattilo
Tipo Risorsachiese

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Da Reggio Calabria, percorrere la SS 106 in Direzione Melito Porto Salvo. Una volta giunti alla frazione di Annà di Melito Porto Salvo seguire le indicazioni che portano a Pentedattilo.


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